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Action Detector Tubes

A quick evaluation of the potential danger resulting from fires, accidents and other disasters is achieved with the Action Detector Tubes.

A special calibration permits the use of most of the Action tubes with only two pump strokes. To ensure a fast and simple reading only two warning markings are printed on the Action Tubes.

A third mark “ETW” is newly printed on the Action tubes. ETW means “Einsatztoleranzwert” according to the German guide-line vfdb 10/01 [03/03].

The guide-line is published by “Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes e.V.” In case of concentration above ETW for more than 4 hours respiratory protective devices are required. ETW are established for 33 substances.

Substance measured Action det. tube
Part No.
[10 tubes/pkg]
1. Warn. mark
2. Warn. mark
ETW mark
Number of
strokes [n]
Action Detector Tubes          
Ammonia NH3-A D5085755 50 250 110 2
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN-A D5085756 10 50 3,5 2
Chlorine Cl2-A D5085757 0.5 2,5 1 2
Carbon dioxide CO2-A D5085758 5000 25000 10000 2
Carbon monoxide CO-A D5085759 30 150 33 2
Nitrous gases NO2-A D5085760 5 25 8.2 [NO2] 2
Phosgene Phosgen-A D5085761 0.02 0.08 5
Hydrochloric acid HCl-A D5085762 5 25 5.4 2
Sulfur dioxide SO2-A D5085763 0.5 2.5 1 2
Hydrogen sulfide H2S-A D5085764 10 50 20 2
Gasoline hydrocarbons
Benzin-A D5085769 50 250 200 2
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Aromaten-A D5085770 50 250 94 2
Halogenated hydrocarbons
[easily decomposable]
CKW-A D5085771 50 150 100 2
Dichloromethane Dichlormethan-A D5085772 100 500 5
Alcohols [Methanol] Alkohol-A D5085773 200 1000 720 5

Part-No. Description
Action Detector Tubes Assortments    
Action detector tubes assortment 1 D5085752 One tube each of the types D5085755 to D5085764
Action detector tubes assortment 2 D5085753 Two tubes each of types D5085769 to D5058773
Detector tube Qualitest D5085810 Detector tube for qualitative detection of the atmosphere for
reducing and organic gases and vapours
Action Kit    
Action kit [Gas-Tester II H] D5146803 Containing 15 packages of action detector tubes,
1 package Qualitest, 1 Gas-Tester II H, sampling line and action
detector tube measurement scheme
Carrying case D5146914 To be filled as required with up to 24 packages of detector
tubes respectively sampling line and a detector tube pump
Action detector tube measurement scheme D5146054
Trainer Tube Assortment
Trainer tube assortment D5019703 Kit of tubes containing substances for training and test
purposes for handling of detector tubes
[e.g. for simulation of unknown gas mixtures]