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Ventilation Smoke Tubes


ApplicationPart No. Type Part No.
To identify air flow patterns and leaks
[10 tubes/pkg]
Smoke generating tubes D5019701
Kit of 1 package smoke generating tubes and manual smoke pump in plastic carrying case
[10 tubes/pkg]
Smoke generating kit D5019702
For ventilation testing, leak testing of pipelines,burners, windows and mining ventilation
[10 tubes/pkg]
Smoke generating cartridges D6009000
Plastic tube contains two glass ampoules with different chemicals [Ethylenediamine and Acetic Acid] to produce non-corrosive smoke to identify air flow patterns and leaks
[12 tubes/pkg]
Ventilation smoke tube
[not corrosive]
Kit of smoke tubes and a hand-held rubber aspirator bulb contained in a plastic carrying case
[6 tubes/pkg]
Ventilation smoke tube kit
[not corrosive]
Especially for smoke generation with ventilation smoke
tubes also for other smoke generating tubes
Rubber aspirator bulb
[not corrosive]
Pump for smoke tubes Manual smoke pump D5019903
Pump for smoke tubes and -cartridges [Toximeter II] Electronically smoke pump D5142705

Tubes for Special Applications

ApplicationPart No. Type Part No.
Universal Tube [qualitative] for a large number of gases and vapours
[10 tubes/pkg]
Qualitest QL D5085810
Filter tube to adsorb interfering substances
[10 tubes/pkg]
Filter tube Ads D5085832