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Airtester HP, MP and Detector Tubes

In conjunction with Airtester HP [high pressure 200 bar and 300 bar] or Airtester MP [medium pressure up to 10 bar; 145 psi] the HP and MP Detector Tubes are used to monitor the purity of breathing air as supplied from compressors, pressure cylinders or medium pressure air lines.

The HP and MP Detector Tubes can indicate quickly and quantitatively the concentration of water vapour, oil, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous fumes according to quality requirements of European Standard DIN EN 12021 [01/99].

Detector Tubes

Substance measured Detector tube
Part No.
[10 tubes/pkg]
Measuring range
Threshold value
acc. EN 12021
Carbon dioxide CO2-HP D5085848 100...2000 ppm 500 ppm
Carbon monoxide CO-HP D5085847 5...70 ppm 15 ppm
Mineral oil vapour Öl-HP D5085850 Two markings
0.3 mg/m3–602]
0.5 mg/m3–251]
0.5 mg/m3–602]
1.0 mg/m3–251]
0.5 mg/m3
Oil-HP synth. 10040887 depends on oil type
Nitrous fumes Nitr.-HP D5086850 0.2–6.0 ppm not hazardous
Water vapour H2O-HP [mg/m3]
H2O-HP [ppm]
H2O-MP [mg/m3]
5...160 mg/m3
10...200 ppm
100...1000 [mg/m3]
25 mg/m3


Type Part No. Description
Airtester HP D3188701 Sampling system
[complete set for high pressure]
Airtester MP D5185710 Sampling system
[complete set for medium pressure]